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5 Inch Stove Pipe

Economical, high quality stove pipe (also called connector pipe) used to attach a stove to a chimney. This regular 24 gauge stovepipe is for Wood, Oil, Coal, or Gas fuels. The smaller the gauge, the thicker the metal. 24 is the accepted standard.

  • 24-Gauge
  • Three stovepipe screws create secure connections between pipes.
  • 18" clearance to combustibles
  • National code prohibits enclosed pipe installations
  • National code requires stovepipe to exit the room that it originates in, prohibits stovepipe from penetrating combustible material
24" Straight Pipe
Self-locking pipe presses together until it snaps. No tools needed to close seams. Joint can be cut to any length.
5" x 24"
Adjustable Elbow
Double seams permit each section to turn freely without any danger of becoming disconnected. Can quickly be adjusted to any straight line and a right angle.
Tee Joint
Both sections assembled with "Snap lock" seam. Can be easily turned to make a secure lock.
Tee Cap
Used to close off one end of a stove pipe tee. Use of a tee cap allows for easy access for pipe cleaning.
Trim Collar
Covers excess area around flue opening. Provides a finished look to stove pipe installation.
12 ct. - Stove Pipe Screws
Screws for securing single wall pipe joints. Self-drilling black oxide screws.
8-18 x 1/2"
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