Woodstove Outlet - Woodstove Pipe

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Wood Stove Pipe

connector pipe linking woodstoves to chimneys
Single Wall by Diameter
3 inch Pellet Stove Pipe (galvalume)
3 inch Pellet Stove Pipe (black)
3 inch Galvanized
4 inch Pellet Stove Pipe - (galvalume)
4 inch Pellet Stove Pipe - (black)
4 inch Galvanized
5 inch Regular Black Stovepipe
5 inch Galvanized
6 inch Regular Black Stovepipe
6 inch Heavy Black Stovepipe
6 inch Unpainted Stainless Steel
6 inch Galvanized
7 inch Regular BlackStovepipe
7 inch Galvanized
7 inch Heavy Black Stovepipe
8 inch Regular Black Stovepipe
8 inch Galvanized

8 inch Stainless Steel
8 inch Heavy Black Stovepipe
10 inch DuraBlack Stovepipe


Double Wall by Diameter
6 inch Duravent StovePipe
6 inch Selkirk StovePipe
8 inch Duravent StovePipe
8 inch Selkirk StovePipe
Clearance Requirements from
Combustible Walls & Ceilings
6 - 8 Inches

The single and double wall
stovepipe difference
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Need Black Pellet Stove Pipe?
Look at our pellet stove pipe page.

Chimney Brushes
Chimney Cap

Magnetic Stove Thermometer
Wall Pass-Throughs
Woodstove Draft Control
Stovepipe Damper

Creosote & Soot Removers
Shields for Stovepipe and Fireplace Mantels
Firestarters and Matches

Wood Stove Pipe