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6 inch Galvanized Steel Pipe

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  • 28-Gauge
  • Straight Pipe is entirely self-locking. No tools needed to close pipe seams.
  • 18" clearance to combustibles

24" Straight Pipe
Self-locking pipe presses together until it snaps. No tools needed to close seams. Joint can be cut to any length.
6" x 24"
Adjustable Elbow
Double seams permit each section to turn freely without any danger of becoming disconnected. Can quickly be adjusted to any straight line and a right angle.
90° Elbow
Corrugated lock seamed, one piece construction. Lock seamed for strength and to prevent coming apart. 2 1/2" ends.

Increaser From 6" to 7" pipe
Easily adapts smaller stove pipe to larger stove pipe. Large end of Increaser is crimped.
6" to 7"
                       How To Install Woodstove Pipe                      
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