Double Wall vs Single Wall Stove Pipe

This webpage comparison is for information purposes only. Follow local, state and federal regulations and building codes for stove heat installation and operation.

Photo Diagram
Name & UL certification
Clearance to Combustibles, Material
Single Wall Stove Pipe
DuraVent DuraBlack

Not UL Certified.
Screws are required.
18 Inches
24-gauge steel construction*

6" Single Wall Stove Pipe
7" Single Wall Stove Pipe
8" Single Wall Stove Pipe
10" Single Wall Stove Pipe

Model DVL
Double Wall Stove Pipe

ULC S641
6 Inches to walls
8 Inches to ceilings
Stainless Steel Inner Wall / Galvanized Outer

6" Double Wall Stove Pipe
8" Double Wall Stove Pipe

Model DSP
Double Wall Stove Pipe

ULC S641
Clearance: 6 Inches
Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel /
Aluminized Steel

6" Double Wall Stove Pipe
8" Double Wall Stove Pipe

  * If a wood burning appliance is used every day in the heating season, surveys have shown that a single wall stove pipe will need replacement every two or three years

Double wall stove pipe has superior insulation with 1/4" airspace between the inner and outer pipe walls. This allows hotter flue gas temperatures improving draft meaning:

  • Less chance of moisture or soot buildup within the vent
  • Less "smoking" of the stove at startup
  • Enhanced woodstove efficiency
  • Less creosote build up
  • More Expensive Pipe
  • Not as light or easy to install

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