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Vent Pipe

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Other Questions About Stove Pipe

1. How do I determine what size stove pipe I need?
2. What's the difference between single wall and double wall stove pipe?
3. Should stove pipe be installed with the male end up or down?
4. What do gauges in stovepipe stand for?

A Few Words To The Wise

1. Stick with one brand of stovepipe for connecting woodstoves to chimney. This ensures the most secure stovepipe connection. Learn why a good stovepipe connection is so important.
2. For most stovepipes 3 screws are required to fit each pipe connection tightly
3. New stovepipe and woodstove instalations may smoke a little and emit an odor when first used. This is normal curing of the paint on the pipe. Allow ventalation of an open a window or door to allow the smoke and fumes to escape during the beginning of your first wood burning stove fire.

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