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Wood Stove Polish

Stove Polish restores and leaves a lustrous black finish on unpainted steel & cast iron. Prevents deterioration of stoves, grills, ornamental iron work, and heating accessories stored out of season. These Stove Polishes apply and buff out easily with little to no odor or mess.
wood stove polish
Williams Stove Polish
2.7 Ounces
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Item #: A30979
Rutland Stove Polish
Rutland Stove Polish
2.7 Ounces
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Item #: B32243016
polishing cloth
Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth
16" x 16"
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Item #: Ocp44105
Rugged Wypes
Stove Wipes
Industrial strength, heavy duty, non-marring towels
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Item #: Ocp83125