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Rectangle Wire Chimney Brushes

Rutland Master Sweep Rectangular Wire Chimney Brushes

Use the following guide to select the proper
Chimney Brush for your chimney.
Measurement Instructions:
Measure the inner opening (both directions) of your fireplace or woodstove chimney.
Measurement Instructions
For masonry chimneys you'll need to measure the inner opening dimensions in both directions. Buy a brush that is at least as big as your chimney liner otherwise it will not reach the side walls of your chimney and won't do an adequate job. If you buy a chimney brush that is too big then it will be harder to get down the chimney but will work unless excessively oversized.
6in x 10in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


7in x 11in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


8in x 12in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


8in x 16in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


9in x 13in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


10in x 14in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


11in x 15in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


12in x 16in Rectangle Wire Chimney Brush


Master Sweep Chimney Brushes sets the industry standard as the premier chimney brush. It withstands the demanding abuse encountered by busy commercial chimney sweeps. It has heavy duty double spiral .177 dia. spindle design with a plated double swaged 3/8" NPT connector. The 7" of fill is two on two high density oil tempered 22 gauge 0.0286 wire bristles, creating uniform rugged bristle distribution.

These chimney brushes require an extension rod with 3/8" pipe threads.
We sell extension rods on our
Rutland 3/8 Inch Pipe Thread Chimney Brush Rods page.

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