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Single Wall or Double Wall Stove Pipe
A guide to the difference between and applications of single wall and double wall stove pipe.

When planning a wood stove installation one of the most important decisions to be reached is deciding whether to use single wall or double wall stove pipe. For some installations there is no other choice than using double wall pipe. At other times it can be merely an issue of consumer preference. The below chart outlines the differences, advantages, disadvantages and applications of both single wall and double wall pipe. Please note: This information is for reference and informative purposes only. Always follow your local building codes and use common sense for a safe installation. All stove pipe and wood stoves get very hot when in use.
Single Wall Stove Pipe
This is the type of pipe found most often in local hardware stores and building supply stores as well as the most common stove pipe sold online. This type of pipe is easy to install and work with.
Construction: Most single wall pipe is constructed of either 24 or 22 gauge steel. There is no insulation present.
Clearance: Single wall pipe requires a minimum 18" clearance from the stove until it enters the chimney.
Cost: Single wall pipe is generally cheaper than double wall pipe.
Pros: Lighter than double wall pipe. Easy to install, available in black, blue and galvanized. Radiates heat very well, heat rooms quickly.
Cons: Will not last as long as double wall pipe. Because of its construction and the type of steel used the exhaust produced by your woodstove eats the material away. Generally needs replacing every 3-5 years.
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Double Wall Stove Pipe
This type of pipe can be found in some hardware stores and building supply stores. It is also sold by professional chimney installers and also sold online.
Construction: Stainless steel inner wall and black outer steel wall.
Clearance: 6" clearance from wall combustibles and 8" from ceiling combustibles. This is the pipe to choose if you are working in tight quarters or if you want maximum protection for your walls or ceilings.
Cost: Double wall pipe is more expensive than single wall pipe.
Pros: More resistant to degradation over time. Will last many more years than single wall pipe. Reduced clearance over single wall pipe. Second wall of air insulation keeps the internal core hotter, boosting draft and efficiency.
Cons: Weight. Due to the nature of it's construction double wall pipe is heavier than single wall pipe. Can be a bit more challenging to install.
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