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Black 6 inch Selkirk DSP Double Wall Stove Pipe

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Selkirk's DSP Double Wall Stove Pipe is a connector pipe that links your wood stove to an insulated chimney. Listed & Tested to ULC S641 and UL 103 Standards. Model DSP has an attractive outer black surface made of durable aluminized steel to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees F in continuous operation. Double Wall construction with a 1/4” air space between inner and outer pipes provides a superior insulating value than single wall pipe. Better insulating value keeps flue gas temperatures higher. This helps your Woodstove perform with an enhanced draft, which provides: Less chance of moisture or soot build up within the vent, Reduced “smoking” of the Stove at start up, Increased efficiency, Less creosote build up. Double Wall Stove Pipe not only keeps the flue temperatures higher, it also keeps the outer pipe temperatures cooler. This allows Double Wall Stove Pipe to be installed with only 6” of clearance to combustible materials. Single Wall Stove Pipe requires an 18” clearance, which typically means your Wood Stove sits further away from the wall and takes up valuable space within the room. The inner liner of Model DSP is made from corrosion resistant 400 series Stainless Steel. Model DSP is available in a variety of lengths and elbows for ease of installation. Telescopic and Adjustable Lengths are available to eliminate cutting-to-size and allows access to the system for cleaning and inspection. The black finish of Model DSP provides a very rich and distinguished appearance. Black enamel paint is used to provide a long lasting, brighter finish that also resists scratches. Please note: Double Wall Stove Pipe cannot be cut and still provide a proper connection to an adjoining piece of pipe. If necessary use an adjustable length of double wall stove pipe.

Lasts significantly longer than single wall stove pipe
Only 6” Clearance to combustible materials
Stainless Steel inner liner
Aluminized Steel outer casing
1/4” air insulation
Black enamel finish
Easy to install

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12" Straight Pipe
6" x 12"
5.95 lbs
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24" Straight Pipe
6" x 24"
8.6 lbs
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36" Straight Pipe
6" x 36"
12.5 lbs
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45 Degree Elbow
5.4 lbs
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6" Straight Pipe
6" x 6"
4.85 lbs
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90 Degree Elbow
7 lbs
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Damper Kit
5.01 lbs
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Finishing Band
3" High
5 lbs
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6" to 8"
6.41 lbs
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Masonry Adaptor
5.68 lbs
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Stove Adaptor
7 lbs
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Tee With Cap
8 lbs
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Adjustable Length
7.95 lbs
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Telescoping Length
24 lbs
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Black 6 inch Selkirk DSP Double Wall Stove Pipe

Selkirk Stove Pipe Double Wall Stove Pipe

Description of available pieces
Straight Pipe -
3 metal screws supplied with each Length. For Installed Length, subtract 1-3/8" per joint.
45 degree Elbow - Offsets obstructions as needed. Non-adjustable.
90 degree Elbow - Offsets obstructions as needed. Non-adjustable. Not recommended for rear exit appliances.
Stovetop Adaptor - May be required to adapt some stove flue outlets to Double Wall Stove Pipe.
Tee with Cap - Used in conjunction with a vertical insulated chimney to provide easy access for
inspection and cleaning.
Adjustable Length - Includes Finishing Band. Used to adjust pipe to desired length. Eliminates the need to cut pipe. For Installed Length, subtract 1-3/8" per joint.
Telescoping Length - Includes Finishing Band. Easily removable for inspection and cleaning. Eliminates the need to cut pipe. For Installed Length, subtract 1-3/8" per joint.
Masonry Adaptor - For installations through a masonry wall. Used to connect Double Wall Stove Pipe to an existing masonry chimney or a relined masonry chimney with stainless steel liner.
Damper Kit - Allows the operator to alter the amount of air drawn through the venting system, controlling the stove’s combustion. Must be installed directly on the stove’s flue outlet where applicable. When handle is in horizontal position, the damper is “closed” (reducing combustion). The “closed” position is still 20% open, so the venting system is not completely blocked. When handle is in vertical position, the damper is wide open (no reduction of combustion).
Increaser - Used to increase the size of the pipe to the chimney.
Finishing Band - Used to conceal the crimped end on the last length in the system. When installing, the joints appear to be going the wrong direction with a “male-end-up” connection (this is correct for the outer wall). The finishing band conceals the joints and provides a finished look.
Frequently asked questions about Stove Pipe

Please note: For safety considerations and ease of installation follow these guidelines.
1. Never mix and match gauges of stove pipe. Single wall and double wall pipe cannot be mixed in an installation.
2. Use a stove pipe reducer or increaser if you are working with different sizes of pipe.
3. Buy all of the pipe you need from one brand. The connection will most likely differ from Brand X to Brand Y.
4. While all of the stove pipe we sell will fit together tightly a very secure connection can be obtained by using 3 screws per connection. Screws also make the entire assembly stronger.
5. New stove pipe may smoke a little and emit an odor when first used. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. It is simply the paint on the pipe curing a bit. If necessary open a window or door to allow the smoke and fumes to escape.
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Black 6 inch Selkirk DSP Double Wall Stove Pipe