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Stove Pipe Thimble

Insulated Thimble Wall Passthrough

Thimble For 5 & 6" pipe

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Thimble For 7 & 8" pipe

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Saf-T Thimble is Heat-Fab's through-the-wall thimble assembly. It is intended for use with masonry chimneys only, and where the distance from chimney to finished interior wall is no less than 4" and no more than 9 1/2". Saf-T Thimble allows extremely hot smoke and gases from a wood-burning appliance to safely pass through a wall to a chimney flue.

  • Allows single-wall stovepipe to pass through a combustible wall
  • Attaches to the chimney (avoiding a dangerous breach should the chimney settle and start to pull away from the house.)
  • Features a solid-pack insulation that telescopes inward toward the wall, allowing for easy adjustment for wall thicknesses of 4" - 8 1/2".
  • Heavy-duty insulated steel construction shields the wall from heat, ensuring safe venting.
  • Convection heat shield moves heat out, while its insulated construction protects combustible surfaces
  • Designed so the stove pipe can be readily attached and removed for easy cleaning and system maintenance.

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