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Thru-The-Wall Pellet Stove Kit

3 Inch Selkirk 283870 Thru-The-Wall Stainless Steel Pellet Stove Kit
3 Inch Selkirk 283870 Thru-The-Wall Stainless Steel Pellet Stove Kit

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Kit includes: Kit contains 3 in horizontal cap, 3 in 90 deg elbow, 3 in wall bracket, five 3 in 1 ft pipe lengths, 3 in tee with cleanout, 3 in wall thimble and 3 in pipe connector.

For pellet and corn appliances. System rated for flue temperatures up to 570 deg. Proven coupling joint connects in seconds to assure joint integrity. Gasketed joint design. Inner wall is 304 stainless steel, outer wall is paintable galvanized. Rolled-over male end eliminates sharp edges. 1 in clearance to combustibles. Removable tee cap for inspection and cleaning. Internal spacing bead assures uniform insulating air space between pipe walls. Meets UL-641 and UL-103.

Additional Information
Please note: For safety considerations and ease of installation follow these guidelines:

1. Consult your pellet stove manual for specific information regarding outside air or other issues specific to your pellet stove or insert.
2. It is your responsibility to comply with all local fire codes regarding installation of the stove, pipe and any options or accessories. Read the stove or insert manual carefully regarding assembly and installation. Always use common sense and good construction/installation practices. If you feel unsure about any installation issues we recommend you consult with a licensed contractor, building official or fire marshall.
3. Never mix and match different brands of pellet stove pipe. The connection will most likely differ from Brand X to Brand Y and may cause leaks.
4. Never use "regular" single wall or double wall stove pipe for pellet stoves or inserts. Burning pellets causes a more corrosive environment and "regular" stove pipe will not last.
5. In the United States the minimum clearance to combustibles is 1” for oil, pellet, corn or other biofuel applications.
6. Sections of pipe are connected to each other by pushing them firmly together and twisting. Screws are not required. However, if screws are desired, use 1/4”-long sheet metal screws. Important! Do not penetrate the inner liner with screws.
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