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Minuteman T-51 Moiety Insert Steamer

Minuteman T-51 Moiety Insert Steamer

Minuteman T-51 Moiety Insert Steamer

Minuteman T-51 Moiety Insert Steamer

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Whether you heat with wood, or just use your stove to get cozy, Minuteman International makes a wide array of stove-top, storage and fire tending accessories specifically designed for wood and pellet stoves. Use this specially designed Moiety Insert Steamer on your woodstove insert. The flat back allows it to fit on a narrow ledge or mantle to add some much-needed humidity to a wood-heated home in winter. Enameled in a gloss black outside with matte black interior, this steamer holds 2 quarts of water.

Made of Cast Iron- 7 1/4-in H x 9 1/2-in W x 5-in D, Porcelain Enamel Black Finish -Interior and exterior
Humidifying for the Home- A wood-heated home can be very dry- a stovetop humidifier or steamer teapot can add much-needed moisture to the environment
Traditional style- Vents in the lid to allow water to easily vaporize, removable top for easy filling
Specially Designed for the narrow ledges/mantle shelves of wood-stove inserts
Holds 2 Quarts of water, can be placed directly on the stovetop or used with a trivet

Material: Cast Iron
Assembly Required: No
Minuteman Product Number: T-51
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