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Pellet Stove Pipe Round Brushes

Rutland Round Pellet Stove Brushes

Use the following guide to select the proper
Chimney Brush for your chimney.
Measurement Instructions:
Measure the inner opening (both directions) of your fireplace or woodstove chimney.

For masonry chimneys you'll need to measure the inner opening dimensions in both directions. Buy a brush that is at least as big as your chimney liner otherwise it will not reach the side walls of your chimney and won't do an adequate job. If you buy a chimney brush that is too big then it will be harder to get down the chimney but will work unless excessively oversized.
3 inch Round Pellet Stove Pipe Brush


4 inch Round Pellet Stove Pipe Brush


5 inch Round Pellet Stove Pipe Brush


5 foot Round Pellet Stove Pipe Brush Rod


For cleaning pellet stoves, use the Pellet Stove Brush and Rod system. The brush is made from dense, high-quality nylon bristles. A heavy ball at the top of the brush guides the bristles through the narrow flue. The slender rods (.250") come in 5' lengths with 1/8" fittings. They're made of PVC and maneuver through offsets up to 90 degree. They can also be used for dryer vent duct cleaning. Rod and brush are sold separately.

Efficiently cleans pellet stoves
High-quality nylon bristles
Specially designed top guides bristles through flue opening
Available in three sizes
5-Foot Rod sold separately

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